Long Gone Days (2018)

The game casts the player as Rourke, a soldier from the Core, a highly isolated place below the surface of the Earth. After finding out the awful truth about the operation he’s part of in Kaliningrad, he takes the decision to abandon his post, not really knowing the overall consequences of deserting.

In order to prevent the imminent war, the player must join forces with people from different parts of the world, who will assist you with battle tactics, language barriers, and overall teamwork.

Get the prototype demo at Steam, itch.io or Game Jolt!

Meet the Team

Camila Gormaz

Camila Gormaz

Santiago, Chile | @burasto

Favorite games: Digital Devil Saga, Papers Please, Final Fantasy XII.

Camilo Saez

Camilo Sáez

Santiago, Chile | @camkida

Favorite games: Inside, Faster Than Light, Half Life 2.

Jesus Morillo

Jesús Morillo

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Pablo Videla

Pablo Videla

Santiago, Chile | @videlap

Favorite games: Metal Gear Solid series, DotA 2, Final Fantasy VIII.

Contact Us

For inquiries, interviews, or any kind of information, contact us at info@bura.cl.

For questions regarding Long Gone Days, you can also visit our Press Kit, or get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.